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Energy for Refugee Camps
Refugee camps are being setup  as a consequence of  war, earth quake and other natural disasters. Under the normal conditions most of the refugee camps are established  in remote places. Taking electricity to these places may be very difficult in normal conditions . Sanitation is yet  another problem faced by the authorities. Due to the unhygienic conditions the chances for  spreading epidemics  are also another Issue.  Dr Sajidas has developed a cost effective, simple and easy to install sanitation bioreactor system applying biomethanation technology. Under this  technology, the  entire human excreta discharged from common toilets are fed  to an Anaerobic bio reactor (digester). With the help of tiny microbes the organic fractions in the sewages  are converted in to Biogas. The Biogas generated  through this process can be used as a green renewable  fuel  for  purposes for cooking , lighting , heating and for the generation of electricity . Biogas can be used as a substitute for diesel  in the existing diesel generators. Through the use of Biogas in generators 80%  of diesel can be saved. These plants will help  simultaneously  to maintain hygienic sanitation  and the production green energy.  In the absences of bio digesters,  the entire sewage dumped in huge  septic tanks   will lead to  emissions of methane .  But Biogas digesters will help  to prevent  such  type of environmental pollutions also. Those who need any type of support or technical advice for the installations of  Bio Reactors can approach Dr. A.Sajidas.

Bio digesters for post disaster activities
Due to various reasons the frequency of disasters is increasing day by day . Commonly epidemics will spread  quickly in disaster effected areas due to unhygienic conditions. The communication  system as well as supply  of electricity  will also be collapse due to disasters . Re installing electricity and communication systems and  reintroduction of sanitation arrangements are  the big challenges confronted by the authorities and international communities.

Dr.Sajidas has designed and developed  different types of very efficient anaerobic biogas digesters suitable for  use in disaster effected regions .These digesters can be installed along with temporary toilet complexes  instead of traditional septic tanks. The biogas generated can be used for electricity generation, cooking or heating purposes . If necessary, in emergency conditions these digesters can be used for the disposal of dead animals also.

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