The services that are being received from Dr. A. Sajidas

Those who are keenly interested in entering in the green energy field, can very well avail of the support and guidance including,

Technical training

Feasibility study

Preparation of project reports

Project formulation

Project Designing

Project Execution

Operation and maintenance of different categories of waste to energy projects

Installation and activation of plants

Repairs and maintenance of different models of Biogas plants and different appliances.

He is also providing special training to the government officials, volunteers and social activists for the dissemination of the technologies related with the generation of energy from organic waste.

Training of Trainers (TOT) for the implementation of biogas projects and related awareness creation, demonstrations , capacity building and selection of appropriate designs. Special training for establishing production centers for design , fabrication and assembling of different models of Biogas digesters. Stack holders consultations for the implementation of Biogas digester programme as a National Project for poverty alleviation, development of agriculture, rural employment, hygienic organic waste disposal and to improve rural as well as urban sanitation and also for the economic upliftment of the common people.

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