About Bio gas Plant

Bio Gas Plant
Biogas plant is a combination of digester and gas holder either a single chamber or separate chambers depending upon the design of the plant. There should be an inlet portion in the digester for the input of organic matter and an out let portion for discharging the treated organic materials from the digester. The fermentation process takes place in the digester portion of the plant. Single stage or multi stage digestion facilities have been incorporated with each biogas plant based on the design. The biogas produced will be collected in the gas collector portion of the plant.

Many categories of biogas plants have been developed in different models. Biogas plants can broadly be classified based on the application such as domestic , Institutional and commercial. Three categories of biogas plants are available these days. Those are batch type, semi continuous type and continuous type.

Many new models of plants have been developed in different parts of the world to provide suitable and efficient service to the customers. The popular models are, Fixed dome gas collector, Floating dome gas collector, RCC digester with Flexible gas collector, Geomembrane digester, Tube digester , Lagoon digester etc.

Biogas plants are also available as portable, prefabricated and constructed at site. Biogas plants can be constructed using locally available construction materials. Different government and nongovernmental agencies in regional, national and international levels are actively involved in the promotion of family size biogas plants for providing clean fuel, organic manure and better sanitation facilities for rural peoples. In urban areas domestic biogas plants can be installed for the effective treatment of organic leftovers from the kitchen as well as from the garden. The Biogas produced through this process can be used to replace LPG .

Industrial level and commercial level biogas plants are being installed by many reputed companies in almost all the developed countries for the production of biogas. In these plants biogas produced is being used for the production of electricity and heat. The purified biogas can be used as a fuel for running vehicles and also a fuel for different industrial applications. The treated substrate (Organic material) discharged from the biogas plant is being utilized as an enriched organic manure.

Biogas plants have a bright future as green source of energy. It can be utilized to improve the life style of the peoples of different categories in the community.

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